Friday, June 7, 2013

Steubenville Meets Stupidville

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 According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), rape is the second most violent crime, trailing only murder. - RAINN.ORG

So why is this happening?

 Deric Lostutter is a young man who decided to stand up for what was and is right.
He is under investigation for outing rapists by hacking and publishing social media paraphernalia the rapists of the  Steubenville rape case and "friends" posted on the internet. 
He could face up to ten years behind bars; while the rapists he outed? Two years, if society is lucky. 

Why are we protecting a rapists right to privacy? Shouldn't the fact they are a criminal mean that they lost such rights? Why are we considering giving this guy 10 years (or any jail time) and the rapists only 2? The difference being because hacking is a federal crime? Wait! If rape is the most violent crime, second only to murder --according to the FBI,-- how does this make any sense? 
I dare you to argue that the perpetrators are minors. The crime is not minor. Add to the fact these rapists and their peers were the first to post pictures, tweets etc of the rape(s) while it was actually happening.
Why aren't any of these peers (most of whom implied siding with the rapists) being punished? Why is the man calling them out being punished? 

I am not saying that any and everything you post online should fair game for all to see. 
However, if you're a criminal posting evidence of your crimes you obviously wanted to be found out.

Regardless the threat of potentially spending a decade locked up, Lostutter says, "I'd do it again."
For the full interview with Mother Jones  Click here

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