Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sorry, Serena... Not.

Okay people here we go.

Most of you heard the victim blaming comments Serena Williams (female tennis champ) made regarding the 16 year old girl in the Stuebenville rape case.

If by some off chance you missed it though, you can read about it here .

Serena fake apologized for the insensitive victim blaming and instead blamed the Rolling Stone writer for misquoting her.
The writers name is Stephen Rodrick and like any writer worth their salt, he stands by what he wrote.
His side of the story can be read at this location 

 Honestly, this is just sad.
Here we have a female role model who dominates her sport like no other in history and she doesn't understand the weight or her words.  Sometimes it is best to let your talents do the talking. The more talking she does the worse this looks for her.

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