Friday, June 21, 2013

Sex For Survivors; Is There A 'Happy Ending' For Us? *TRIGGER WARNINGS*

Yes! It is not talked about much amongst survivors, but I am talking about it now.
Is there really such thing as a "happy ending" for survivors of rape and sexual assault?
Will there always be a battle of the mind when we think about the bedroom?

If you're a survivor and find yourself in love and committed but, you're unsure about intimacy,
let me give you hope, sex can be amazing! Yes! Sex can be amazing even for US the survivors!
Mind blowing, I know.

First, take a deep a breath.
Hope spells hard work and this is one area where you may have to work hard mentally.
I decided to take this blog to a whole new level for this subject.
First, let me introduce my husband, James H. Greggs.
He is a renaissance man, but today he wears the hat of "A Survivors Partner".
I wanted to bring him on this blog to give fellow survivors and their partners insight and hope for a 'Happy Ending.'

In the coming days we will start a conversation and dialogue about sex for survivors and their partners.
We want to take a look at how to deal with fear, anxiety and expectations in the bedroom.
I want to invite my fellow survivors and their partners to send in your questions and concerns.
Neither my husband or I claim to be experts in this area but, it is our hope that by sharing our story we can help others.
There is not much information out there for survivor partners and we hope to play a part in changing that.
 Stay tuned!

(Please send in your questions to

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