Thursday, August 29, 2013

Rape & Parental Rights

Did you know that in the U.S. there are at least 31 states that allow rapists' parental rights to any children they father via rape?

"Each year, there are approximately 32,000 pregnancies resulting from rape, according to a 1996 study by the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology." CNN

 How can this be?

Why would a rape victim want to be stuck in an 18 year battle with their abuser?

I have been asked, "What would you have done if you had ended up pregnant at anytime during your rapes?"
The truth is, I don't know. I don't believe anyone can accurately answer such a question unless or until it's their reality.
In most of my rapes my potential child would have been a product of could I be judged for how I might have handled that?

How many abortions are done as result of a rape related pregnancy? How many are products of incest rape related pregnancy? How many lives are really being lost each year because of rape and the havoc it reeks on the lives of survivors, partners, children and families?

This is a cause all decent human beings should rally with survivors on to fight. If rapists are not allowed parental rights then incest and abuse can be prevented. Abortion rates may decline. Mothers of babies born out of rape may be able to find strength for their babies to heal and fight.
The thought that ANY of my rapists could potentially have been forced into my life for 18 years sickens me. I ache for the parents who are already fighting this battle. I ache for children who live knowing they are products of rape. I am angered at the rapists with the audacity to try and be part of the lives of their victims and children.
Let us join with organizations like RAINN and Congress members Debbie Wasserman Shultz  and Tom Marino to pass H.R. 2772, the Rape Survivor Child Custody Act.

Survivors, partners and readers, please do not judge a survivor's reasoning or choices in how they deal with the offspring of rape. Love them through and understand it's out of your hands but, not Gods.

To any survivors facing this future-- a life with a child borne of rape. I support you.
I can only imagine your choices must feel or have felt damned either way. I ache for you and hold you close in my heart. You have so much love and sacrifice no matter your next step.

Let us all stand against rapists. Let them know they are not tolerated, they don't deserve parental rights and that we won't give up this fight against them.

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