Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Early Writing

From my journal of early writings before blogging.

This Place of Broken

I was accused of picking a person over my family,
Betraying them, not protecting them and abandoning them.
How ironic, these are the very things they did to me.
I shed my tears today and make no provision for them tomorrow.
I am a new person. I’ve been born again. While, this has been painful I know that mothers are not the only ones in pain during the birthing process.
I am sick and tired… I am tired of being sick and, sick of being tired. I’ve released my demons to the darkness from whence they came. I am naked, completely.
There is nothing to hide here any longer, inside, or out. I have no ability to lie to myself, or others without a bitter taste in my mouth, followed by a swift repentance.
God has been so merciful to me in this process taken to get me here, this place of broken.
Be gone all you shadows who try to haunt me.  Good-bye all you lies from my past.  Take an eternal hike Denial  and Pride, I do not need you any longer for us to feed off each other.
I shall no more feast on fake and false character but rather I shall sink my lips into purity. I shall indulge in wisdom and humility. I will adorn myself in TRUE Righteousness and walk in the light.
Tears have cleansed my sight and I see truth. I’m covered by the word, His word. So I shall not be needing the rags of  rage any more.


  1. Pure poetry. Noe to follow through ...


  2. Yes, follow through. It's a daily and sometimes moment to moment battle.
    I just refuse to give up! Thanks for reading.