Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sibling Abuse

Dear Survivors,

Today I would like to once again help a fellow survivor and warrior in a matter that hits close to home for many of us (survivors).
Nancy Kilgore  author of the book Girl In The Water is a survivor of sibling abuse.
She is currently holding a fundraiser to start a foundation helping sibling abuse survivors and their families.

"19 million children are abused by their sibling
There are 40 million Adult Sibling Abuse Survivors" 

I myself am a sibling abuse survivor.  My first rapist was my half brother.
Whether you're a full blood sibling, half sibling, step sibling or foster sibling abuse survivor, this fundraiser is for YOU. 
I am not asking anyone to donate what they do not have, but if you find yourself here reading this, please,  take a moment to at the very least  share Mrs. Kilgores cause and help raise awareness.

The main of objective is to raise funds for the foundation, but also to raise awareness. 

Sibling abuse is deeply connected to bullying. Sibling abusers who don't get help will go on to abuse others as an adult. It is plain to see how this growing problem effects ALL of society. 
Survivors, how many of us suffered the abuse at the hands of a monster who started out as a sibling abuser? How many of us were attacked and marred by a sibling who was abused and never got help?
Let's start talking about this and standing up for our brothers and sisters. 

Click HERE to donate.



  1. Can you tell us a little about what you would do as a non-profit organization? It is a great cause.

    1. Thank you, Patricia! Absolutely!
      Mrs. Kilgore's goal is to raise money for educating parents in regard to prevention and intervention. Funds will also be for the first conference on Sibling abuse for Adult Survivors.
      If you would like to join the fundraising event you can copy and paste the link below. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Hi there Joy, as you know I love each and all your writings. You do have an incredible blog site. I would like to know how the numbers of survivors and victims have been created. Where did the statistics come from so that we can review this and share it about. I know that for incest, child sexual abuse survivors, it is known by the CDC their estimate is about 40 million adult survivors. Last year Congress changed their reporting system to allow that for EVERY 1 that DOES REPORT, at least 6 others DO NOT. This greatly changes the old information to allow for updated counts to be around 240 Million, which how do we put that real terms? I recently did an updated report from our Nation's Children's Bureau about the number of CPS Reports every year. In 2011 the reports show we had 3.7 million calls of just child maltreatment that went into the system. Sadly 2.3 Million of those were dismissed without even an investigation. If we look at the x6 action, we have another 20 million or so that have been harmed without any hope for help. I fully support the need and importance to address sibling abuse, there is definitely not enough known even to the parents sometimes about how many of their children inflict pain, trauma, abuse on their younger siblings. It is only by creating awareness about the CRIMES WITHIN OUR HOMES, ENCOURAGING EVERYONE TO GET INVOLVED, BUILDING RESOURCES OF HELP & HOPE THROUGHOUT ALL COMMUNITIES that we will ever be able to end the ongoing acceptance to the 'normalcy' in which centuries of seeing these acts of bullying, sexual abuse, molestation, rape, relationship/domestic violence - teaching silence to all victims because we have been trained that it doesn't matter, that our children have no voice, that victims should be trained and kept in forced silence. This is the only way to end what has been taught throughout the history of mankind. Teaching silence to all victims, placing the shame, blame, responsibility to remain quiet in order to protect the family; all of this has created what I refer to as the 'MAN MADE CANCER' of our society today. I fully applaud the cause you are discussing, but would like to know more about the numbers if possible and what reports have been collected on this if any. Sorry for the rant, just really feel it's important to find out what if anything has been researched on this cause so far. Thank you. You can view the Child Maltreatment Report for FFY 2011 by visiting

  3. Thank you, Tricia! You're right the resources on these statistics should made available for all to see. "It has been reported that as many as 53 out of every 100 siblings abuse a brother or sister. In fact, some experts say it is more common than spousal abuse or child abuse. It could be happening in your home without your knowledge."
    I know these numbers come from S.A.S.I.A.N. Sibling Abuse Survivors' Information & Advocacy Network. This is a very good resource for information on statistics and studies (though there are very few) regarding sibling abuse. As for the statistic in my original blog post it is a quotation directly from Nancy Kilgore's website.

    Hope this helps. Thanks for bringing up a great point.

    University of Michigan Health System is another great resource for statistics on sibling abuse. Kyla Boyse, RN. is an excellent researcher on this topic as well.