Saturday, August 10, 2013

Making Some Noise, AGAIN

Well, Here we go again.
Mr. Reginald Lathan Sr. is actually following through with his threats to sue his daughter
Triumph Over Tragedy's (Original) Miss Ohio 2013 Sharnae Lathan, Brett A. Scudder of SIFI radio
and Donald E. Thornton c/o of Thornton and Associates Marketing. He is suing these individuals for defamation of his name. I took the liberty of looking up the case and you can view the 28 page case yourself by clicking HERE and following the steps below.

The final picture is a screen shot of the 28 page complaint case against the above mentioned defendants. What you will see in these pages are alleged statements and legal documentation of reports made by Sharnea, her father, witnesses and others. There are only bits and pieces of these documents. Fragments (provided by Mr. Lathan) of complaints and communication with the defendants, social media websites and others are also part of the 28 pages on this case. 
Sharnae claims that her father made his money by suing people and companies in the past. As I was pulling up these public records I noticed that in Summit County Ohio there are SEVERAL civil cases involving Mr. Lathan in the past. Sharnae also states there are more cases in other counties involving her father the plaintiff in this case.

Sharnae is not counter suing her father, nor has she made any attempt to go after his money (according to court documents and Sharnae herself). With all the accusations and alleged "evidence" Mr. Reginald Lathan Sr. has provided, the question becomes "Why would she continues to lie if that's all these are,  lies?"
Ms. Lathan has been through a roller coaster of life changes these past few weeks. Her father threatened the head of the Triumph Over Tragedy  Tonya Allen and ended up getting Sharnae's title as Miss Ohio 2013 removed. Mr. Lathan Sr. and his son Mr. Lathan Jr both (Sharnae's father and brother) claim Ms. Lathan has/is using drugs. Sharnae is a nurse and works in the medical field where drug tests tend to be a random and fairly common part of the job. (Speaking from experience as a Nurse Aide.) She has stated that these accusations can easily put to rest with a drug test.
Mr. Lathan is a millionaire and instead of simply pressing charges to stop his daughter's alleged lies he is pursuing money. Interesting.
Recently, Ms. Lathan was contacted by the producer of the Dr. Phil show. She has been invited to tell her side of the story but, only if Mr. Lathan Sr. will agree to make an appearance as well.

The whole situation is sad and sickening. However, I have watched Ms. Lathan's response to each event life has put her through these past few weeks alone. I have seen a strong woman living out her world view in a fierce and bold way. She is humble but, not a push over. She seeks to be transparent in her challenges for both her supporters and even enemies so they will see the truth.
As for the other two defendants, I have not closely watched their personal profiles but, neither of them recant their support for Ms. Lathan. Why would these gentlemen risk so much for Ms. Lathan if they believed she was lying? What makes them so convinced she is telling the truth?
Could it be simply because, she is?


  1. Maybe if you took the time to check the court records you would find that Sharnae Lathan is certified crazy and receives $15,900 a year social security disability. See summit county clerk of courts domestic relation division case no.DR-2007-02-0464. Go to docket, do to date 2-6-2014 and read document 11, the judges decision. Sharnae is not a Nurse never was, actually never worked. Can you negate the fact that she did this same thing in college or did you miss that police report in that 28 page law suit you sited!!

  2. Your attack only shows you are ignorant. I do not have to defend my post because it is 100% factual. Since you felt the need to comment though, allow me to post an update here. A judge granted Ms. Lathan a restraining order until the year 2018. Judges don't do that unless they have evidence or reason to believe it is necessary. Could the judge simply believe Ms. Lathan is telling the truth? Hmm.