Thursday, July 4, 2013


I just finished watching the documentary "The Invisible War" heart is broken. 

"According to Russell Strand, chief of the US army's Family Advocacy Law Enforcement Training Division, the average sex offender has about 300 victims and the vast majority of sex offenders will never be caught."

This is staggering. 

I am a member of  at least a dozen private groups for survivors of rape and sexual assault and today I fought the "pre-symptoms" of a panic attack wondering... How many of these fellow group members have been assaulted by the SAME attackers? 

There is a name for men who have sex with the same girl. They are called "Eskimo brothers."

What is the name of all my fellow brothers and sisters who have been violated by my own abusers as well?

I ache for the men and women who have been traumatized by sexual predators in the military. These men and women fight so that my attackers would have a right to an investigation, and trail and unfortunately, eventual freedom. On top of that, a staggering percentage of these men and women are assaulted and attacked while fighting for these freedoms.

It is a dark and messed up world we live in and it is sad that those who CHOOSE to give their life for freedom have their own freedom denied. This is NOT acceptable.

I could feel my stomach cursing and churning as I read that the military as recent as 2012 viewed rape amongst military service men and women as nothing more than an occupational hazard.
THIS ONLY STANDS IF THEY ARE CAPTURED BY THE ENEMY! This should be covered under "friendly fire"? HOW RIDICULOUS!

My emotions are a whirl. I know so many survivors are hurting today because this very date is the anniversary of their assaults. I am thinking of each of you and holding you close in my heart today, especially the military service men and women. 
You did not deserve what happened to you and you do NOT deserve the way you have been treated by our country. I AM SORRY!


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