Thursday, July 25, 2013

Let's Make Some Noise.

Hello Readers,
Today, I write with a plea for your help.
Before I make my request, I want to let all my fellow survivors, partners and readers know if you're not ready to raise your voice with me in this... IT'S OK. Your positive thoughts and prayers will be welcome.

I am asking other survivors to share the following and help raise awareness about a fellow survivor and the organizations and groups that have chosen to support her.
It is my goal to help make this story viral so the bullying of this survivors own FATHER (AND ABUSER) will be stopped!

Here's the deal. The survivors name is Sharnae Lathan. She is a survivor of rape, incest and childhood abuse. Ms. Lathan is Ms. Ohio, USA 2013 for the Triumph Over Tragedy Pageant and is founder of Thru a Child's Eyes Who Cares? a foundation raising awareness about childhood sexual abuse.
This woman is a survivor who is taking back her life and using it to help others.

Now the second person you need to know about is a gentleman by the name of BrettA. Scudder.
Mr. Scudder is... well, he is about to become an abuser's worst nightmare. He is a talk show host for SISFI an international radio show and founder of Scudder InfoTech SecuriCity Foundation, Inc.
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The third person you need to know about is Reginald Lathan Sr. he is Sharnae's father and abuser.
Allegedly Mr. Lathan is threatening to sue Mr. Scudder (and other organizations) for broadcasting and supporting his daughter's story of being raped and molested as a child. 
Mr. Lathan has messed with the wrong people. Again, I am asking fellow survivors to help share this news. Mr. Lathan's history shows he makes a living suing people according to daughter Sharnae. 

Here is the broadcast Mr. Scudder hosted for Sharnae's story. 

I stand against rape, incest and child abuse with Shanae Lathan and Brett A. Scudder. For those ready, let's make some noise and show this abuser we aren't scared. If you're going to sue the organizations trying to help survivors, you're going to have to deal with warriors.


  1. Whoo hoo! I'm all for Sharnae and Mr. Scudder! YES!! SPEAK OUT FROM UNDER INCEST

  2. Thank You for your support! I am already humbled and grateful by the response of so many survivors. Rapists and abusers BE WARE!

  3. Speak out and fight that is the greatest freedom you will ever have.