Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Brothers and Sisters

I am part of this group of people in recovery for abuse.
It's encouraging to see I am not alone. In the same notion it is heart wrenching to read stories like mine and worse are "Common".

Today is a day for new beginnings... many of my brothers and sisters in recovery are scared today.
They are afraid of another year facing fears, being let down by the justice system and looking like targets for predators.
I hurt and ache for them. I message many of my sisters often and tell them they are beautiful and loved.
We are the orphans with living parents. We are isolated in a world full of people. We are the survivors in a world where evil thrives. We have each other and often we forget that. We fight for each other and struggle so much to fight for our own self.
We give others the permission to cry, scream, and heal that we struggle to give ourselves.
We are the family that non of us ever had.
We rarely if ever see each other face to face. We don't even show our real faces when we meet. We all see each other clear as day though.

I want my brothers and sisters out there struggling today to know, I am thinking of each of you. I am holding you near in my heart. Let yourself cry today. Let yourself scream today and if the opportunity arises... let yourself smile today.

We are not victims anymore. We are survivors and when we stand together we are over comers.

Much love to the unloved.