Thursday, December 5, 2013

Male Abuse Awareness

What if you one day noticed a change in your son's behavior? He was suddenly quiet and kept to himself more than usual? Maybe your son started actng out, and it seemed out of the blue one day he just became angry? What if your precious baby boy could no longer be reached by your words and love?
My son is two and when I look at him and think about the fact he is on the cusp of the same age I was when first abused.... it kills me. As a mother, I would die for him. I can barely handle the thought of my son ever being bullied without tears. I have posted before about teaching my son word power as a step in preventing him from being abused by others. It is a step in the right direction and it is important. I always remember... abuse can happen to ANYONE.
My husband, a leader and strong personality was himself once a victim of rape. As a child someone decided they had more power over him and took advantage. Although he suffered no pain that he can remember it does not make him any less a victim.
It is hard to talk about abuse and sexual assault on women and children.
It is much harder to talk about sexual abuse to men. So often, society reads and hears about women and children being abused. It has sadly become all too common on the daily news.

This week is national male abuse awareness week. It is time to give the guys a chance, for help, healing and hope.
On November 25th Patricia Mcknight, Butterfly Talk Radio host interviewed Mr. Philip Paris
an author along with several others to discuss the topic of male survivors.

I am a sexual abuse survivor and have grown accustomed to telling my story and sharing with other women in their story of survivorship. I must admit though, the prospect of discussing male abuse, sexual or otherwise, makes me uncomfortable. All the more reason to talk about it. Male abuse effects me and if you think it does not effect you, think again.  It is time to help raise awareness for this and the generations to come. If you know a male abuse survivor the following are a few links to help both you and your survivor.

P. Luna Foundation

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