Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dear Nanny

Dear Nanny,

I miss you!
I feel like cancer stole a lot from us, you and me. We had good times, sad ones, hard times but no matter what kind of time it was, we had each other.
I miss that.

I wish you could be here today and see me. Meet my son your great grandbaby. My husband and the loving wonderful man he is. He takes care of his shoes! ;-)
He also loves and respects his mother.

I wish you could see all the things you taught and showed me working in my life. Everything from the way I get pretty before going out to the way I keep my  house. I wish I could tell you I was safe and happy. I hope you know that.
I remember so many things you told me and wish now I had paid even more attention.

I miss painting my nails with you. I miss going out to our little tea house for luncheons.
I miss watching you. I miss your smell. I miss your singing.
I miss you.

I miss curling your hair and eating big breakfast with coffee and Irish cream. I miss having ice cream snacks on hot days with you. I miss drinking a big ice glass of Dr Pepper with you. I miss our fancy cakes.

I miss long car rides with you to Arkansas. I miss our conversations solving the worlds problems.
I'm sorry I grew up and grew busy. I regret that now. I regret not calling you more.
I miss you. I love you.

This day two years ago I was on the phone with you, when you took your last breath.
 I will cherish those last few moments we had. I will never forget telling you it was okay to go even though in my mind it wasn't.

See you on the other side someday.

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