Friday, April 27, 2012

Say The Words.

Say, "I love you." every chance you get because you never know when one of the times you say it,  it will heal something broken in the one you love.

You never know when those words will hit a deep part of the heart never touched before.
Seize each chance you get to say these words because, it solidifies a deeper truth than the half truth or out and out lie that tried to cover it.

Say "I love you" any moment you can in every way you can unashamedly.
Because you don't know when it could be your last.
 No one ever gets to the end of life regretting having said or expressed these simple yet powerful words.

Love, conquers all and love NEVER fails.
True and perfect love casts out fear and tonight for the first time in my life this truth has hit home with me.

I love and have continually grown in my love for my husband.
I know in my head and heart he loves me but before tonight I don't believe I really understood with my heart the depth of that love.
I knew it in my head all along but, tonight, something about the way he said to me hit my heart.
It felt as if something broken or dead within me was suddenly made whole.
I heard his words with my heart, like I've heard the unmistakable whisper of the Holy Spirit before.
I heard his words and felt them in a whole new way.

There was nothing spectacular about how he said them, there was not particularly romantic reason for it. He was just simply saying he loved me after dinner tonight.
He does this every night and tonight was no exception. Except, that it was exceptionally real and deep for me.
I responded with "I love you too, Poppa" but, I did so with a heavy mind swirling and reeling over the truth of these words.

I am loved.

For so many the previous sentence is an easy truth to swallow and believe. This has never been the case for me until my husband.
I could write a chapter on what happened when he said those words tonight.
Suffice to say, I get it my heart not just my head.

I will continue to let these words do the work they have started tonight and hold on to them.
I will also never feel silly or ashamed for saying them to those whom I do love.
I vow to make sure my family knows everyday that I love them.

Say the words, seize the opportunity, and never give up.

You the survivor, or the loved one of the survivor are healing and even without your healing you are good and you are loved.

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